Safe Trade Practices

Business Interest

Suppliers and contractors must avoid any situation that may involve a conflict or the appearance of a conflict between their personal interests and the interests of AAPL. Each supplier and contractor must make prompt and full disclosure to AAPL of any situation which may involve a conflict of interest.

Unethical Trading

Suppliers must ensure that non-public information obtained as a consequence of a relationship with AAPL may not be used for the personal profit of the supplier, contractor, and their employees or of anyone as a result of association with their employees. This prohibited conduct applies both AAPL and to those of its customers, suppliers, or other companies with whom AAPL does business.

Business Courtesies

Offering, giving, soliciting or receiving any form of bribes including unauthorised gifts, is strictly prohibited.

Intellectual Property

AAPL always uses trade information, copyrights, and trademarks only in a manner that is permitted under their contract with Clients, Supplier or Contractors. AAPL would not use trade secrets or proprietary or confidential information for their own purposes or disclose such information to unauthorized third parties.

Product Selection:

AAPL is working very proactively in selecting products, which are environmentally friendly.